About Me

Hello I am Nilima , India is a country with a great food culture. Idli Dosa of the South, Chhole Bhature of the North, Fish curries of West Bengal, and vegetarian cuisines of Gujarat have a great culture. Sometimes I realize that food plays a very important role in connecting people.
For thousands of years, India has been famous all over the world for its spices. There was competition among many countries of the world to get Indian spices. India is a country with various languages and dialects. The effect of the geographical condition has also been on the food. The taste of the food and the way of cooking also change every mile. Foreign invasions in India had as much impact on its food culture and tradition.
Every state has its own food culture. Sometimes people are also identified because of their food. This culture of food has attracted me to it. I want to discover and explore the food culture of the country. This blog puts in front of you the method of preparing the cuisines of India also the world. Every dish has its history. There are many inspiring incidents related to this. It is an endeavor to do that along with the method of cooking the food. Today we see several food channels and blogs that are providing great information about recipes and places. We also keep their stories related to them in front of you. I am trying to provide authentic history and culture of food and recipes. I Want to explore the places where the recipes were born. This blog will fulfill every aspect of food culture.